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Ende der Woche bin ich für ein paar Tage in Berlin, unter anderem um an The Hive teilzunehmen. Wenn man regelmäßig (oder unregelmäßig, hüstel) Dinge ins Internet hineinschreibt ist so eine Blog-Konferenz eine spannende Sache. Für mich sowieso, ist nämlich meine erste. Aber das tangiert Euch möglicherweise periphär, keine Angst, ich werde jetzt nicht auch noch anfangen übers bloggen zu bloggen! Was ich eigentlich sagen wollte: alle Teilnehmer waren im Vorfeld aufgerufen, 40 Fakten über sich zu veröffentlichen. Die meisten haben schon abgeleistet, nur ich bin mal wieder dezent spät dran, und ich bin mir auch gar nicht mal so sicher ob Euch so ein 40 Absätze langer Egotrip überhaupt interessiert, aber sei es drum, here we go*:

1. I am 32 years old… and…
2. … I live with my husband and our two children…
3. …on Europe’s largest inhabited river island. Which happens to be smack in the middle of Hamburg.

4. Life here is as romantic as one would imagine when reading the word „island“. In parts. We have the river, the beaches, horses, cows and sheep. You get the picture. On the other hand we have high-riser, the Autobahn, KESS 3 rated schools, two refugee camps and an unusual high amount of families living below the poverty line. Beeing privileged never felt as present to me before.

5. I love to listen to music, preferably live.

6. By music I mean punk rock, ska, hardcore or classical symphonies.

7. I have no talent for making music myself, but I learned to play traverse flute anyway and I still enjoy to play it. A little more practice couldn´t hurt, though.

8. I studied English and Spanish…

9. … and I sometimes miss the freedom of my early twenties, which in my memory seem to solely consist of danced away nights, extended breakfasts with my roommates, going to live shows and hanging out with bands. There might be a reason, that I dropped out of university after three years without even trying to graduate.

10. But actually I was working a lot, back then: I was doing rework in a prototyping company, was in a team that was beeing sent to schools by the city government on demand of teachers that asked for support in educating their students about “alternative lifestyles” (meaning anything besides the heteronormative aspects of sex ed), and I was doing the slow tuesday evenings at the bar of our club. And sometimes the not so slow saturday nights, too.

11. I live under the constant impression, that the way I think of myself and the way I am perceived by others are not necessarily the same.

12. I prefer to take possibly bad decisions over perfect ones that are never taken.

13. I never look back on them.

14. The first book I ever read was “Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver”. Do I have to mention that I still love books? I love-love-love books! The weird, the better.

15. Same goes for movies. I heart to got to the cinema. I rarely make time for it now, but when I was a teenager, I would go two or three times a week. Mabe that was because….

16. …I grew up with almost no tv and was completely ok with it. I hope to accomplish this for my kids, too. We have been early adopters of the internet, though and I guess we´ll have to find ways to introduce our kids in a reasonable way to that kind of screen. Later.

17. When I got my drivers licence I pledged that I would never own a car. I stayed true to this one: We don´t have a car, but are very proud owners of a well-used cargo bike.

18. I also pledged that I would never marry, nor have kids. Oups.

19. I used to work in the hotel industry and I brought a lot of passion to it, but I burned out twice and I don´t think I will go back to it anytime soon.

20. In my third year of studying (read „working my butt off“) in hotels, I was working a morning shift with our youngest coleague and after clocking out we were smoking a final cigarette in the backyard. That´s when he casually mentioned that he had feared to work this shift alone with me, that I was in such a bad mood that my constant state of annoyance would prevent everyone around me from having a good time, too. BAM! You better believe that I was thinking hard about that one. He definitely was right and now I´m making a conscious effort to be a friendly person. Sometimes I forget about it but if I manage, it makes all the difference.

21. I´m a cat person, some day there will be a cat in my life. I like dogs, too, but they should definitly belong to someone else.

22. When I was 17 I went to Barcelona for the first time and I dreamt of going back ever since. My perfect plan was pretty straight forward: go to university in Leipzig, become an interpreter for Spanish and English, move to Barcelona. I mentioned that awesome time in my life? Yeah.

23. So on to plan B I went: Again, I had it all mapped out: learning this hotel thing, taking my exams, teaching my self Spanish, getting straight (sic!) with my braces and some unpleasant and tedious jaw issues, hopping on a plane, setting up house in Barcelona, stay there forever or till I would get bored of it. As if anyone could ever get bored of this fine city! Alas, a year before I could finally say goodbye to the city I couldn´t learn to love (we are talking about Hamburg here), I met the Groszer. Turned out that I had finaly found my soulmate. With one itty-bitty downside: he loves his hometown (you guessed it, we are talking about Hamburg here) and he could not imagine to ever leave it. To make a long story short: I accomplished all of the above, moved to Barcelona, then came back after half a year. You dont fuck up the chance to be together with your soulmate, every day for the rest of your life. That would have been stupid, right? So here is the fact: I have lived and worked in Barcelona for six months.

24. Related: I walk. I don´t run. If there is something I really want to accomplish, I will succeed. It may take me ten years and I may change course a few times, maybe even the goal may change, but in the end I´ll get what I want. Some people call this stubborn.

25. I had boyfriends AND girlfriends before I met my husband and I still believe that love is about personality, not about gender. I don´t even believe in gender as a dichotomous concept. I started to mention this more often over the last few years, because I recognized that although „bisexuals“ are the largest group of all people in the LGBT minority, we tend to fall out of the community towards a more conservative lifestyle, making it seem smaller than it actually is. But hey, we are (at least) ten percent of the planets population, which actually is a lot!

26. I love to be outside. If the weather is really great and the sun is out, too. Otherwise I don´t mind staying indoors for weeks…

27. … I would not even care if I had to spend those weeks inside completely alone. I love to be on my own!

28. Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the great outdoors, I´m fine with camping and if it´s a festival I´m even fine with camping in the rain and staying in wet clothes for a few days.

29. If we need something, I´ll try to find out how to diy. I can´t help it.

30. Related: I can´t remeber the last time I was bored.

31. Getting things done means quality time to me and I love to do-lists. If I get to spend a day on my own, I´ll pull together a list titled „50 things I fucking have to do“.

32. I´m thrifty. I was raised in Swabia and I´m conditioned to not lose my money along the way, but to invest in big chunks. Real estate is just fine. Yepp, not very punk rock.

33. I know that everyone is supposed to do yoga these days, but my repertoire still consists of only one pose: the crow.

34. Related: no sports for me, other than getting around my days by bike. I know, I should, but really, no thanks.

35. When we first moved here, the house was so much bigger than our old place, it seemed to be almost empty. I loved it. Unfortunately it didn´t stay that way. Now I´m packing boxes of stuff every month and take it to ebay, the flea market, the refugee camp. We rarely buy things but the stuff keeps creeping in. My goal is to carry it out faster than it´s coming, so one day we can enjoy some kind of minimalism. Please someone tell me it´s actualy possible?

36. I secretly dream of pulling my kids out of school for a year and take them on a trip around the world. I hope that we can do this and that by then there will still be places we may want to visit.

37. I´m completely useless when it comes to anything “style”. If I manage to paint my nails, the polish startes to chip imediately. I don´t know how to do my hair. I don´t even blowdry. I guess I´ve just always been an ordinary tomboy.

38. I can´t be trusted to remember three things on a grocery list, but I know the first words of “Bellum Gallicum” and the second sentence of the American Declaration of Independence by heart. Very useful knowledge, when it comes to running a household, uhm?

39. Lately I´ve become very self-conscius about my English. I´ve been to an English-speaking country only once for two weeks of students exchange (if a small town in the north-western part of Ireland can be considered English-speaking?) and I don´t get to speak a lot of English these days, so please don´t judge my pronounciation or my increasing lack of vocabulary!

40. What ever it is, no matter how much time I´ll have to take care of something, I´ll finish it last minute.

So that´s it. 40 little stories about me. Looking forward to read yours now and meet everybody, only two days left. I´m excited beyond words!

*Konferenzsprache ist Englisch, darum auch die 40 Fakten hier ausnahmsweise auf dem was mein Englisch noch so hergibt. Soll ich das ganze bei Gelegenheit noch mal auf Deutsch veröffentlichen?

11 Kommentare zu “40 Fakten über… mich selbst!? – #40facts4thehive

  1. Ich liebe ja diese Fakten-Aufstellungen! Witzig, wie oft man sich in Kleinigkeiten wiederfindet :)
    Wo in Schwaben bist du denn aufgewachsen?
    Viele liebe Grüße, Steffi

  2. Ich freu mich auf’s Wochenende! Dann gibst du mir Buchtipps, je weirder je besser und ich kann mich persönlich für die Glückspflanze bedanken.

  3. Haha, ganz groß, Nike, sehr gerne gelesen, viel gegrinst, häufig genickt und gelacht. :D
    Ja, ist immer bisschen komisch was über sich selbst zu veröffentlichen, aber wen es SO nett geschrieben ist, sind das fast die liebsten Posts für mich. Schließlich lese ich Dich ja nicht nur wegen glorioser Inhalte sondern auch wegen der Neugierde an Deiner Person, gell.
    Die Fotos da oben sind übrigens auch top, von wegen „Stil“ oder „stylish“ sein ist nix für Dich. ;)
    Mit sympathiegeschwängerten Grüßen

  4. Die 40 Faktenreihe finde ich super – auch Deine sind toll! Und zu Nummer 35: ich kann Dich beruhigen, es ist machbar. Es hat hier bei mir zwar ein paar Jahre gedauert aber das macht ja nichts. Ich mochte die Zeit des Aussortierens und Verkaufens total gern und befinde mich sozusagen in den letzten Zügen. Also: Du schaffst das! :)
    Liebe Grüße und bis am Wochenende! Julika

  5. Liebe Nike,
    ich bin voll beeindruckt was sich seit c wie css hier getan hat! Hatte in den letzten Tagen keine Zeit am Computer zu lesen und sehe erst jetzt, was Du da gezaubert hast! Wow!
    Mit 38 teilen wir uns ein Problem: Aurea prima sata est aetas quä vindice nullo.. aber Einkaufsliste – – –
    Und auch wenn ich das in Fakten über mich-Listen nicht gewagt habe zu schreiben (weil ich scheinbar feige bin und Respekt vor Gegenwind habe) auch die 25 haben wir gemeinsam. Und das mit den Katzen und der zu vollen Wohnung die ehemals leer war…
    Ich wünschte mir, ich hätte Dein Schrift-Englisch!
    Danke für die 40 Fakten.
    Hat wie immer viel Vergnügen bereitet!
    LG Anna

  6. Ich habe Deinen Blog gerade erst entdeckt und fand die 40 facts genau richtig um festzustellen, dass wir einiges gemeinsam haben! Ich freu mich drauf, bei Dir noch etwas zu stöbern!

  7. Nike! Wie kommt’s, dass ich deine 40 Facts jetzt erst lese? Ts, Tage zu voll…
    Jedenfalls. Ich find’s toll! Wie so oft denke ich wieder mal, dass du eine begabte Schreiberin bist. Macht immer Spaß bei dir zu lesen! Und ich liebe solche „Fakten über mich“-Posts. Ich glaube ja, wir sind total unterschiedlich aber ich find dich so sympathisch!
    Jetzt warte ich natürlich gespannt auf einen Bericht von The Hive – am liebsten persönlich und mit Kaffee :-)
    Liebste Grüße!

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